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Lars Lindgren, interested in the area where Sustainability, Business, Politics, Learning and IT converge.

About Lars Lindgren:

Born in Stockholm and educated in Linköping, Paris and Honolulu.
Background in Natural Sciences focused on Environment and Health. University Diploma in Sustainable Development.
Studied 5 years of Behavioural Science in Linköping, graduating with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management, majoring in Pedagogy and Organizational Development (Thesis on Internet Based Learning).
Studied Business Administration and Computer Science in both US and Sweden.

Lived and studied on Hawaii 1997-98.
Worked in San Francisco during 2006-07.
Travelled full circle around the globe in 2007, with extended stay in Bhutan.
Currently living and working in Stockholm, (the first Environmental Capital of Europe).


Health, Happiness, Freedom, Opportunities.
Natural Art (especially Martial Art).
Applied intelligence, Empowering Technologies, Random acts of Kindness.
Sustainability and Human Growth


Worked with Business Strategy Implementation through Human Resource Management and Net based learning for companies and organizations in Europe, US, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Back in the 20:th century I joined BTS as the first recruit in the new on-line learning business unit, BTS Interactive. Later, as Managing Director, I helped grow the team into an international unit with presence in Sweden, Spain, US, Australia and India. (www.bts.com)

Founder of the company "Net L'earnings". (www.netlearnings.com)

CEO of MINERVA Corporate Learning Partner (MCLP Sweden AB), one of Sweden's largest companies specialized in Training and Net based learning. Helped grow revenues and profit and double the team. (www.minervaclp.com)

2014-2018 Elected member of the Sundbyberg City Council, representing the Swedish Green Party which got 11,1% of the total votes.
Sundbyberg is the smallest, richest, and fastest growing municipality in Sweden. Sundbyberg also has the best broadband penetration in Sweden and the lowest CO2 emissions/person. Located only 8 minutes away from the Stockholm city center. (www.sundbyberg.com)

Currently working as Human Resource Manager at the Stockholm Environment and Health Administration.
It's the largest Environment and Health Administration in Sweden and Stockholm is the first Environmental capital of Europe. (international.stockholm.se...)


Lars Lindgren
E-mail: lars@lindgren.com
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/larslindgren


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